Your Way to the Top

I like to make photos. I love it. But I hate postproduction. For me creation is inspiration. But hours in front of my mac are not. So I understand you. You just need someone, who can make this work for you. And much better if your photos will overgrow competitors. With my partner I create system of postproduction, which will push you business forward.

Your business benefits:

Here are some examples:
(before / after)

Our first stage consist of:

And this part is common. Everyone can do this. But there is second stage - retouch. And this is your advantage. Because we can do this for every photo of your event or wedding shooting.

It is not a fairy tale. You can offer you clients retouch of every photo from their event!!! You will get through you competitors to the top with such a product.

Second stage - peak of retouch technology:

So you will get deep postproduction of your photos with lovely natural effect. We call it live retouching. And good news - it is not expensive. Just 1$ per photo.

Use your benefit to improve your business now. Contact us and we will change as your portfolio, as your way of your marketing.

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